Dotawo CfP on Nubian Literature

Call For Papers on Nubian Literature

Though a great number of books and articles have been written on Nubian history, archeology and language in English, only  a few researchers have addressed the large body of Nubian literary production. The aim of this issue is to redress this lack by foregrounding the importance of Nubian literature in both its written and oral form. The issue will include texts written by Egyptian and Sudanese writers in both the Arabic and Nubian language translated into English as well as critical articles about the aforementioned texts. The aim of this issue is to explore different trends in Nubian literature as well as diverse ways of tackling them. We seek translations of texts written by Nubians from different periods as well as critical papers on the subject. Modes of reading include but are not restricted to the following:

  •             Psychoanalytical
  •             Philosophical
  •             Feminist
  •             Postcolonial
  •             Marxist
  •             Historicist

Some of the key questions include, but are not confined to :

  • In what way do Nubian writers deploy their heritage ?
  • How do writers use re-readings of Nubian myths/folktales as a tool to challenge or   consolidate notions of identity and in what way is their cultural background a decisive element?
  • How do writers address notions of gender and gender relations both in Modern and Old   Nubia and how can a comparative perspective be of help in understanding this specific issue?
  • How do authors employ Utopian/Dystopian themes as sub-texts that define their attitude towards Old Nubia and as a means of coping with the present? How are oral productions both an expression of a way of life that is no more as well a reflection of elements of a specifically Nubian culture that has survived until the present time?

We invite interested authors to direct questions and submit abstracts to Nivin El Asdoudi ( Please submit abstracts by 1 May 2017 and anticipate submission of the final draft of your article by 1 December 2017.

Join UNS at the NSLC 2017 Nubian Panels

The Union for Nubian Studies will co-host the Nubian panels during the 13th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium in 2017, hosted by the University of Addis-Ababa, focused on Nubian Phonology and Tonology.

A number of relevant publications on Nubian phonology and tonology has been published over the last few decades. However, this field is still in its infancy. The current wide-spread interest in Nubian languages, both from scholars and native speakers, offers an opportunity to investigate these issues more closely.

We invite scholars, both native and non-native, to submit proposals for the Nubian panel to be held at the 13th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium, May 2017 in Addis Ababa, dealing with phonology, tonology, and their interfaces with morphology and syntax. Topics may include (but not only):

  • Consonant and vowel systems and phoneme inventories;
  • Grammatical and lexical functions of tone;
  • Tonological and phonological assimilation;
  • Vowel harmony and ATR;
  • Stress, prosody, and vowel length.