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Welcome to the website of the Union for Nubian Studies, an academic and para-academic effort to bring together all fields of Nubian studies. [Read more]

UNS publishes Dotawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies hosted at the eScholarship repository of the California Digital Library, and the Dotawo Monograph series in collaboration with with open-access publishing house punctum books.

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Damien Labadie on Old Nubian Apocryphal Texts

“The relatively small Nubian literary corpus includes texts of an exclusively religious nature: there are lectionaries (including passages from the Old and New Testaments), patristic texts, conciliar canons, symbols of faith, hagiographic texts and also apocryphal texts.   The old-Nubian apocryphal corpus is represented by four fragmentary texts, preserved in five separate manuscripts dating from … Continue reading Damien Labadie on Old Nubian Apocryphal Texts

Current Exhibition: Graffiti as Devotion along the Nile

The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology (University of Michigan) is currently running “Graffiti as Devotion along the Nile.” This exhibition explores ancient religious graffiti dating to the Meroitic period of the Kushite civilization, and provides an intriguing and fascinating glimpse into the daily lives and private devotional practices of its inhabitants. https://lsa.umich.edu/kelsey/exhibitions/special-exhibitions/graffiti-as-devotion-along-the-nile.html

Upcoming Exhibition: Ancient Nubia Now

Starting this month, the Boston Musem of Fine Arts (MFA) will be presenting its “Ancient Nubia Now” exhibition. This highly anticipated event will not only be showcasing more than 400 masterpieces of Nubian art, but also shedding light on the little known but incredibly rich, highly sophisticated and vibrant civilizations, that arose within what is … Continue reading Upcoming Exhibition: Ancient Nubia Now

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